Google will get into the video game industry with a trivia-esque game

For months, Google has been rumored to be working to enter the video game industry with different products and services. In February, it was Yeti, a gaming streaming service similar to GeForce Now and PlayStation Now. Now, Bloomberg has unveiled a social gaming startup called Arcade.

Arcade, Google’s social video gaming division for mobiles

Arcade, whose first game would be a trivia-esque game, is going to grow as a company in the Area 120 division. Said division is focused on getting the experimental ideas of the company’s employees to launch them on the market and see how popular they are. This company is led by Michael Sayman, who was Facebook’s youngest engineer at the age of 18 (he now is 21), and who has been working at Alphabet for a year.

Sayman himself worked developing 4 Snaps, a multiplayer game for iOS, and Lifestage, an app similar to Snapchat but that was shut down by Facebook almost a year later.

After being asked about the startup, one of Google’s spokesperson said that this trivia game fits Arcade’s focus on “mobile gaming with friends.” However, the project is still on its early stages and employees cannot talk about specific products. This trivia app would reportedly be launched this summer.

Google wants to create some kind of social network to connect gamers

Google has high hopes on Arcade, to which users can sign in using their phones. This is done to stay away from being attached to other social networks to avoid failures like Google Plus. Besides, Google is thinking about investing a lot of money on Arcade to turn it into some kind of social network for gamers in order to keep young people hooked to its products, which is a demographic sector where Google is topped by other brands like Instagram.

Area 120 has already launched other products successfully such as Grasshopper, which is used to learn programming on your phone, and Uptime, which allows us to watch YouTube videos with friends at the same time. So, a project like Arcade, which is led by young people with interesting ideas, can develop very different and original games. If Arcade is officially launched, it would be integrated into Google’s products.