Review: Raijintek ZOFOS Evo Silent, the best silent case that you can buy

Buying a case is difficult, as you usually have to give something up when choosing a case depending on your budget. Raijintek wanted to create the best case ever with the Raijintek Zofos Evo Silent, a case that makes no sacrifices. Below, you will find our review.

Raijintek ZOFOS Evo Silent, a big silent case that fits everything you want to install

This case has everything we need. It is really spacious and it even fits EE-ATX motherboards. In fact, if we install an ATX motherboard, it will look like a mini-ITX given how small it will seem. We can also install up to 13 drives (10 x 3.5” and 3 x 2.5”), and two 5.25” optical drives.

 The case has a matt black finish, cotton insulation mats, and dust filters on the top, bottom and front in order to prevent dust from getting into the case. We can also find 3 built-in fans that are as silent as possible: 2 in the front and 1 in the back

A well-rounded case with an included RGB controller

The Zofos EVO Silent is a case for those who want to buy a case without giving something up, as we can install graphics cards up to 470 mm long and coolers up to 190 mm high. We can also install radiators of up to 420 mm, so every component on the market will fit nicely. Cable management is outstanding, as we get dozens of cable ties that will help us grouping cables in the back.

The RGB lighting is another great feature. The case includes a controller that we can connect to the motherboard or that we can manage using the included remote control in case our motherboard lacks the RGB header. All of this makes this case the first one on the market that is able to sync our PC’s entire RGB lighting.

The case’s modular design is one of its distinctive features, as we have installation brackets to install more fans or storage units.

We will leave the link to the full review of the Raijintek ZOFOS Evo Silent. We hope you like it.