Raijintek ZOFOS Evo Window and Silent: high-end cases that fit up to 13 SSDs

Raijintek recently launched its new ZOFOS Evo case lineup. Within the Evo family, we find two new additions: the ZOFOS Evo Windows and the ZOFOS Evo Silent. Both cases have been designed to be as practical as possible user to meet the user’s needs.

These new cases come in two variants: either a fully enclosed or a windowed case. The latter option offers better sound insulation. These are full tower cases that support EE-ATX motherboards, meaning that their size is not exactly small.

Main features of the Raijintek ZOFOS Evo Windows and Silent

Raijintek’s designers have worked hard to blend a good design with a large space while rocking a tempered glass panel. The front of the case has different clean straight angles and is made of plastic under which we find the RGB LED strips. The front panel is attached to the case thanks to magnetic brackets, which makes it easier to remove.

Both cases have an included RGB controller that allows us to connect up to 8 devices. The controller can be connected to the motherboard and managed through software, although we can do that using the included remote control.

We have a lot of room in both cases, meaning that we can install up to 3 fans (120 mm – 140 mm). It has space for a 420 mm radiator, so we can install a liquid cooling system seamlessly. The maximum space for the GPU is 47 cm.

On the case’s top, we can install two 140 mm or three 120 mm fans, and a 360 mm radiator. We can also install 190 mm coolers on these ZOFOS Evo cases. The lid hiding the power supply is also magnetic, so we can easily remove it to install our power supply.

On both cases, you will be able to install several storage drives (10 x 3.5”, 13 x 2.5”), which is a lot. However, if we are not going to use all that space, we can install other components.

These boxes stand out because we can install graphics cards vertically, but to do this, we will need an adapter that is not included. The new towers include USB-C connections, so we can use last-gen peripherals with our desktop PC. Another important fact is that the motherboard’s input and output ports have RGB lighting, so we can easily use them in poorly lit rooms.

The new Raijintek cases are available for £149.99.